Taryn has recently moved to Johannesburg to pursue her acting career and has had great success in finding her footing. This beautiful, young woman is someone that I am extremely proud of – she is doing incredibly well for herself with her recent music video debut Better Days by Bedouin Blue, now being aired on SABC. A former high-school mate of mine and best friend, Taryn Nightingale is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa; she took some time out to let us know a little bit about herself.

Tell me who Taryn Nightingale is.

She’s a smart, sexy, sassy determined lady with a heart invested in the arts industry.

When and where did your love for acting begin?

At 4 years old when I wanted to be a tap dancer, I used to perform in front of the mirror.

You studied at the University of Cape Town, what did you study and what was the experience like?

Bilingual Acting, BA Theatre and Performance. Depressing, frustrating, inspiring, challenging, exciting. The best four years of my life.

Being based in Joburg, how are you finding the industry?

You either make it cause you’re lucky, or cause you’ve made it cause you worked at making it… People are more open to business and giving you opportunities, but you’ve got to mean “business”.

Tell us about your recent involvement in the Better Days by Bedouin Blue music video?

Well, we shot it 6 months ago. It was a lovely experience: I got to work with very talented people who taught me a lot on set. I also enjoyed being “faffed” about…

Where can people watch the video?

Well, it’s being played on SABC and it can also be found on You Tube.

Is it important to have a support system when pursuing an acting career?

Definitely. It’s not a very consistent industry. And with schedules constantly changing, playing different characters and going from periods of being overworked to unemployed, having a strong base to fall back on keeps you grounded when the rollercoaster gets too much.

Name three people that have been influential in terms of your career.

My agent, Carlynn De Waal-Smit, I don’t think other people have really “influenced my career” as such. Once they have… I’ll give them the credit.

What are the challenges and joys of being in the acting industry?

Challenges: who goes for as many “job interviews”(auditions) as an actor? Rejection. Motivating yourself through periods of no work, creating your own work in an industry where funds are limited and remembering to always keep planning and thinking ahead, permanence of a job in this industry is temporary

Joys: working with a multitude of personalities, different environments. Getting paid for having fun and playing. Seeing people enjoy a performance and then them telling you afterwards that they appreciated it. Having that opportunity to entertain/reach/connect with another person through performance.

 What are you working on at the moment?

Currently working in educational theatre, touring country teaching children how they can make their lives what they want it to be. And started plans for own theatre company.

You are currently based in Joburg. Why have you chosen to do this?

 I needed a change. I wanted to be in another place to challenge myself so that I could be independent.

There are ups and downs in this industry and at times, you may feel like you want to just leave it all. What keeps you going through the tough times?

My drive to succeed and passion for the arts, but most importantly understanding that the ups and downs are the nature of the industry…

What are your other passions and how do you combine them with your acting career?

Luckily for me, most of my passions are all part of my career (people and exploration of human nature), but I do love writing, and want to start writing some of my own material. I have recently developed a passion for yoga… It helps keep me fit and strong as performer and person.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received and from whom?

Those who make it are those who are determined: Sandra Temmingh, lecturer at UCT.

 What is your advice to upcoming artists?

Get an agent asp. Know your strengths and weaknesses and know how either can work for you. Don’t expect it to happen to you… You have to make it happen.

Watch Taryn in Bedouin Blue, Better Days music video

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