What I want to be when I grow up

After a few months as a University graduate from the University of Cape Town. It has become apparent, that most humanities graduates find themeselves questioning the value of the three or four years spent at university in order to obtain their degrees.

After numerous conversations with a few of my friends, it has become apparent that work is scarce and job procurement is a huge mission. Up to 40% of the people I graduated with are currently unemployed. They are at home, trying to find themselves and looking into other career paths. This fact is truely scary.
If any prospective university applicant asked me what they should study I would advice them to look into commerce, engineering, medicine or the sciences.

Firstly, you dont get paid enough with a humanities degree. I have often compared the starting salary of an engineer to and actor’s starting salary and they differ by huge differences. If you are chosing a career path because you would like financial freedom and security- please dont obtain a humanities degree- do yoursef a favour and get those math marks up.

I am by no means slating the humanities. i am merely saying that approaching study in this field is not , in most cases, you route to billion dollar bills in the bank. Yes, you will be a more fullfilled individual. You may have more insight on human interaction and relationships. You may even have more insight on how the economy operates, but will seldom be able to make a huge contribution to it.
It all really boils down to what you want to be when you grow up:

Rich man or poor man.

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